Addendum to a testament

Do what you will with my ashes

They are not me

Or, if you feel the need

Plant a sapling

Say, a Mountain Ash

In a stand of poplars

Perhaps my leavings will help its hardiness

And you will have a point of constancy

To which you may return

My loves

Forget me not

Carry me always

The tree will abide.

Published by

Lee Dunn

Sixty something working stiff (retired). Avid reader, dreamer, and searcher. Have been published in the Shelburne Free Press.

4 thoughts on “Addendum to a testament”

  1. This is lovely – I also like the idea to nourishing life long after I’m gone. Some people think talking about death/dying is morbid – but hey it’s the only guarantee we all have! Death and taxes etc. I enjoy your writing Lee, keep it up!

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