Something that bothers me.

We’ve been “friends” for years.
I worked with you for a decade.
During that time, we had an artistic association as well.
My daughter joined us on occasion with our musical efforts.
I was blind to it at first, but no more.
Your friendly “hello beautiful” remarks at first seemed just that.
Then, it was arms around her shoulder, and, one time, when a little drunk,
you called her a “sexy thing”.
We were in a group at a bar the other night.
You walked up behind her and gave her a neck massage.
She has not, so far, seemed upset or bothered by these things,
just passing them off as “you being you”.
So, I am talking to her to ask her feelings.
If she will not make it clear to you that this is inappropriate,
then I will.
Either way, we are at an end,
my friend.
If you could see me now, you would see murder in my eyes.

One Comment

  1. S_MW

    Oh…I’m with you on this. The “sexy thing” comment and the neck massage made ME cringe. I was a young girl once and I remember those kind of men and their inappropriate comments. My girls would both shoot down any sleaze who thinks he’s in with a chance – and although it’s harder to spot with someone considered a family friend, it’s even more important to point out to her.

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