Where are we going

my brother
in his sick bed
sits up suddenly
overriding the morphine
he’s back on his dispatch job
picks up the phantom phone
gives directions

I lay him down
say it is okay
you are at home
stroke his head

his yellow eyes
carry a plea
and he says
where are we going
where are we going
it’s okay, it’s okay
can we get there soon, please?


  1. rustyroyz says:

    You have seemed sad over the last few days, Lee. I hope you are doing well.

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Struggling, Rusty, struggling. But I see perhaps a respite. Thank you.

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  2. On the last night of my Mum’s life in the hospital my Mum was struggling to stand and saying “I need to get going”. This is so poignant and full of pain. Watching someone we love struggling so is hard and the memory stays with us for the rest of our life. Sending you a hug ❤

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  3. This is so heart wrenching. 😦 Very well written, just so sad.

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  4. S_MW says:


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