Idle hands

Not getting any younger.
The government pays me now.
Pays me back.
It’s kind of sweet.
When I can, I snooze ’til eleven,
have my morning coffee for lunch.
Too sedentary, though.
Geez, how did I go from 195 to 210
without noticing?
Anyway, joined a gym last week.
Against doctor’s orders.
Found one that looked the other way
when I put checkmarks in the health conditions column.
But, I pace myself, yes I do.
Some of them get a kick
out of this balding old guy with a belly.
But, I go every day. Sometimes twice.
Yeah, I’m tryin’.
I’m tryin’.

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  1. gizzylaw says:

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I am not losing a lot of weight but I can arm wrestle a bear now!!!! I go to another boot camp class tomorrow. I call it sweat and swear. I have to do the latter under my breath. The gym has a “no profanity” policy! And be careful. You have a lot more writing to do! 😉

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