Month: June 2018


Kid Little thought toys would do it. At fifteen, a Bad Influence showed him Playboy. He thought that would do it. He turned 21 on the day the drinking age changed to 19. He thought booze would do it. It only made him sick. He saw guys with pickup trucks full of empties, belligerent in […]


The eyes have it

I met her some years ago in Group.  She was young, quite silent and withdrawn.  Most of the time, you couldn’t see her face.  She had a heavy head of hair, and its arrangement served to conceal one eye, with the other usually looking down at the table.  She was uncomfortable when speaking, and her […]


No plans

I say “why are you buying five shaving cream?” She says because it’s on sale. It somehow bothers me. The shampoo bottle with the clear plastic in the shower is like an hour                  glass. A friend sends an email come to my cottage for a week in July […]