It happened one night

Rosy red puddle

Mahogany floor

Twenty nine fingers

Have been through the door

One of their owners

Has taken a knife

And mortally wounded

The Principal’s wife

Blood on the doorknob

(But on the outside)

There’s a ring in the bathtub

But is it a guide?

Her body is naked

And lies in the hall

Something inside of her fist,

In a ball

The balcony window

Is splintered and hangs

And the cat in the corner

Is showing its fangs

On the dining room table

A Cadbury box

Some pieces are missing

The parakeet talks

Tells of a struggle

And lets out a scream

Gobbles a biscuit

And now there’s nineteen.

There’s a man in a mustang

He’s driving away

He cries and he screams

And all Hell is to pay

But there’ll be no more lessons

Not tomorrow at nine

Now he speeds up the highway

And crosses the line.

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