Just cuttin’ my lawn

The terror of Godzilla

The mighty King of Kong

Ain’t nothin’ like the thriller

Of mowin’ my front lawn

Seven primes and seven pulls

It takes, to start the beast

The horsepower, the raging bulls

Strikes fear, to say the least

I care but not a mere pittance

For the forests I destroy

I show ’em my omnipotence

In the tactics I employ

There’s Henry, King of Fire Ants

He’s running for his life

In nothing but his underpants

Without his nasty wife

The bumblebees and butterflies

I spare ’em when I can

and watch ’em as they flutter by

It’s in the master plan

I blunder on, so nonchalant

and never have a care

Supreme am I, the Commandant

Come at me if you dare

But, one sad day, I felt a jolt

That made me stop and stare

The Crows had staged a mad revolt

and gave me quite a scare

The angry birds had organized

to help their helpless friends

They had me truly terrorized

I had to make amends

So now, today, my cutting’s done

I’ve given up for good

My weeds and grass, they’re having fun

The talk of the neighborhood.


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