Are my feet off the ground?

With an inkling of joy & brightness, I’ve experienced what seem to me to be the figurative visitations of angels.  Chance encounters, while out in the marketplace or pumping gas, where a person with an almost visible soul would happen to look my way and smile brightly.  That small gesture has brought forth from within me the best I have to offer, and, out of my tired and sad eyes, I try to return the same.

This has happened many times within my last ten years, and always with a different person.

Once, on one of the very worst days of my life, something passed through me and made lighter the burdens of my mind.  Again, a visitation of sorts.  It did not involve a person, but still I had the distinct feeling that someone was telling me to be of good cheer, for this will pass.

There was an afterglow from this that lasted, and the foretelling was, of course, true.

It’s said that the soul wanders during the dream state.  Some dreams, for me, have involved feelings of being lost or directionless.  Others have encompassed a bottomless loneliness.  One was a bright and lucid dream, in which a cherished Other looked with warmth into my own soul and physically held me.  I woke up crying.

Then there are the ones centered  around the magical ability to fly or levitate.  There was a memorable episode where I was attending an important cocktail party in a palatial mansion.  We were all dressed formally.  I felt ridiculously out of place, like a Mr. Bean in a tux.  I then did my dream-thing and began to levitate, swimming horizontally through the rooms with a grin on my face.  Seemingly, no one noticed, and this irked me.  So, I slowed down, waved, and tried to make eye contact, all the while shouting “ARE MY FEET OFF THE GROUND?”  Figure that one out.  I should tell my psychologist about these things.


7 thoughts on “Are my feet off the ground?

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      1. It reminds me of that time I saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vics, and his hair was perfect!
        My dad and I used to have whole conversations in song lyrics. What a great man he was…


      2. I have something of the same kind of relationship with my daughter. I used to sing her to sleep every night after story time. That was back in the 80’s….but, to this day, If she catches me humming something as old as 50 years ago, she will finish the song.


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