ticktock ticktock

67.742 years, or

3534 + 5/7 weeks, or

24,743 days, or

593,832 hours, or

35,629,920 minutes, or…..

2,137,795,200 seconds, and counting.

These things I use, instead of counting sheep.

But, I sleep not a peep.

Wonder, wonder, wonder why?


  1. gizzylaw says:

    Too much math? I name the colors and even make up a few. Sleep well, my friend.

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      The theory was that the math would give the brain a good workout and make it tired. Nope.

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      1. gizzylaw says:

        I have to bore mine to death. It is hard to sleep with a racing mind and two 25 pound cocker spaniels draped over you! I have even tried earphones with music but every time the rhythm changes the dogs wake up. Can’t win!

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      2. Lee Dunn says:

        Hah! Boring yourself works sometimes …I try naming the 50 states, even though I’m Canadian. As for pets in the bed, I keep my door closed.

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      3. gizzylaw says:

        Have you ever heard a Cocker howl? Besides, I am a softy. I can name all the provinces. Does that count? Of course, I am still awake when I am done! hehehe

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