I wore a Woodpecker

as I was sipping Sleepy Tea

A little birdie came to me

And settled down upon my very head

It was a sight, all blue and white

It seemed to grin, the little sprite

Its crowning crest was fire engine red

I tried to catch it with my eye

But it was slippery and sly

And made its home the wrong side of my neck

Its Velcro feet were pretty neat

And when I looked, our eyes would meet

It stuttered “Nighty Night”, and gave a peck

Now, I was wanting for my bed

A chance to lay my weary head

To hum a lullaby, perchance to dream

But it just gave a crazy trill

And started in to peck and drill

And me, I tried to grab it, with a scream

It fluttered with its stuttered cry

And floated like a butterfly

And all at once it pecked me on my nose

Then finally it flew away

And, at the fading of the day

I slipped into a deeply deeply doze

I woke too soon, not feeling good

With achy breaky head of wood

And sawdust shavings all about my pillow

I cursed his name, and little game

The mighty mite I couldn’t tame

And blubbered like a weepy weepy willow.

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