But, for the grace of God…..

Alone today, I stand at the sink after coffee and toast. Through residual pushable pain and fringes of greyness, I'm drawn to the bubbling warmth, to the sheeting minor waterfalls, to the movements of my own hands and arms. I don't know it right away, but I am smiling. For I have seen death, and... Continue Reading →

Questioning the Moon

The questions beg an answer….why not ask the Moon? At least she is constant. A bit of reverie from Carol Hopkins


MOON resized

Peeking through the cloud cover

Witnessing life on earth

Earth’s faithful companion

Orbiting through space

Were you there, Sister Moon

When life first formed?

Did you watch as the first creature

Crawled slowly from the sea?

In your ever-lasting cycle,

in your orbit around our world

Did you witness the dinosaurs

As they prowled the hills and plains?

Did your winking face gaze down upon

The planet and can you tell us why

All life on earth was wiped out

As cold air masses froze the land?

Oh, ancient wonder in the sky

What drama have you witnessed

What stories could you tell

Of all the changes

On this, our blue-green planet

That you follow faithfully

Sister Moon, do tell us

Advise us if you can

On how to save the planet

This jewel of blue and green

That humans have made obscene

Garbage in our oceans

Choking off all…

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Eye am leafing this note in what eye think is yur aynshunt tung calt Inglush in this singular space / time adres.  It will be fownd by another of our travelars who is looking for the code contaynd here in and so we will connect and mesh our reports. No one but she will under... Continue Reading →

the weight

i loved your stretch marks just above the crease of your thigh meets belly pastel beige on tan soft supple skin i nibbled your earlobes delighting in sucking air through your empty piercings you laughed and told me to stop though it was always the first thing i did you smiled and picked the strawberries... Continue Reading →

Under the bridge

stranger, please just step inside my creaky door is open wide come warm yourself, the coffee's on the boil my cardboard tent I pay no rent something borrowed something lent I'll share with you the bounties of my toil.

A bad day

I'm a blue man he says to me, speaking to the ceiling. I pull my chair closer to his bed, cupping his cold hand. His swollen face lolls in my direction, eyes like a slot machine. I'm locked in the freezer. Get the keys! I hang my head, squeezing his hand harder. Why don't you... Continue Reading →


Light, bright white, Radiates into the mirror of the eye. Sound, in myriad, pummels the drum of the ear. (Tautly, as a balloon skin stretched) Whorls in the fingerskin Brush blue velvet, blade of grass, jagged glass, ember's ash. The airs molecular, drawn in so vitally, Invade memory, codifying the now and the forever. Messengers... Continue Reading →

The getaway

as a freshening teenage boy just shy of sixteen years foisted from a battle-scarred home into this supposed school of highness he is already in retreat from vitriolic violence from love that has gone from hormonal eruptions from the Bullies Three the ostracization of the ostrich he builds his defences hands upon hands upon hands... Continue Reading →


Minus twenty two last morning. No wind, praise be. In my puffed up coat, with Red Baron hat and goggles, looking, perhaps, like the Michelin Man, I get smiles and double takes. Walking rapidly to get it over, it is still thirty minutes in the sub zero. But, there are things to see and hear... Continue Reading →

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