Month: August 2018

But, for the grace of God…..

Alone today, I stand at the sink after coffee and toast. Through residual pushable pain and fringes of greyness, I’m drawn to the bubbling warmth, to the sheeting minor waterfalls, to the movements of my own hands and arms. I don’t know it right away, but I am smiling. For I have seen death, and […]


Questioning the Moon

Originally posted on chopkins2x3:
Peeking through the cloud cover Witnessing life on earth Earth’s faithful companion Orbiting through space Were you there, Sister Moon When life first formed? Did you watch as the first creature Crawled slowly from the sea? In your ever-lasting cycle, in your orbit around our world Did you witness the…



Light, bright white, Radiates into the mirror of the eye. Sound, in myriad, pummels the drum of the ear. (Tautly, as a balloon skin stretched) Whorls in the fingerskin Brush blue velvet, blade of grass, jagged glass, ember’s ash. The airs molecular, drawn in so vitally, Invade memory, codifying the now and the forever. Messengers […]