Number seventeen dream scene

My God, I am back.
I am taken here, I am shown.
Familiar, this old warehouse,
that I knew, that I ran,
those thirteen years.
The night man is sick.
I do the shutdown, the lockup,
the securing of the place.
A half mile walk.
Brown bats the only company.
There’s a troubling thrum to the scene,
like the billowing of a black heart.
I step out into the blowing snow,
checking the perimeter.
I round the southern corner,
and recoil at the sight of a chasm by Dock One.
Longer than an eighteen wheeler, and bottomless
in the sulfur-lit snow showers.
I am drawn and repulsed, all at once.
In these depths lies my life’s greatest fear,
but I must come to know its face.
I see, sitting on the dock in the orange glow,
a boy with a fishing rod.
He moves not, and I see that he is bronze.
At a loss, I study his meaning.
Out of a powdery drift steps a Clown
and straddles his back.
He cracks a whip, and screams with glee.
I make the leap,
and now I know.


  1. Love the appearance of your new blog by the way… The picture on this is wonderful. 🙂

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Thanks, Deborah!

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  2. Gosh I Love it … its your younger self I think and that he was bronze and fishing is just beautiful. My Mum visited me in my dream last night it was sooo vivid and it seemed so real. Dreams are so powerful Lee I am so glad you are sharing them.

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  3. gizzylaw says:

    Wow! Talk about vivid! More wonderful stuff out of your amazing brain!

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      That was last night. Looking forward to tonight.

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      1. gizzylaw says:

        Do me a favor, make sure you have a parachute!


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