A very very Unbirthday

Possum was wondering what he should do about the hole in his roof. He sat and wondered a very long time. Then he decided to have an Unbirthday party. He invited his only two friends Hedgehog and Chick. Yes (he thought) I will break out my last bottle of celery root wine and we’ll all drink a toast! Well. When Hogg and Chick got there, he decided to drink the wine himself. After all, it was a very small bottle and it was, after all, his last one. Hogg even pointed out that they had brought him Unbirthday gifts, and “I had to bring my very kid, my kid. No babysitter tonight.” But Possum just farted, scratched his head, and took to thinking about that hole again.

Painting by Russian illustrator Cornacchia

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