with our love, with our love we could change the world

In the grocery section, there’s a three year old girl, dressed in Sunday best, dangling her sock feet from the shopping cart.  Grandmother has her today.  They pass through the pet section, and she sees a cat toy, a bright birdie with rainbow tail feathers.  “Gwanny, Gwanny, I want dat!  I want dat boodie!”  She reaches.  Grandmother bends down to her with a smile, and rubs noses with her.  It’s an old trick, and Little Girl smiles, but only for a second.  The birdie still calls.  Grandmother lifts her out and holds her.  Twiddles her lips.  It never fails.  Little Girl smiles, lays her head on Gwanny’s shoulder.  They roll on.  There are smiles in the aisle.

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