I learned in high school math
That it could be proven, with numbers,
that motion is impossible.
It was called Zeno’s Paradox.

It went something like this:
A man running to catch the bus at a certain time
would first have to run half the distance,
then half of the remaining distance,
and so on, and so on, ad infinitum.
He would never get there.

Some days, I am that runner.
Knowing there is a “bus” to catch,
Every day, every day, ad infinitum.
But I am tired, and sad, and poor in spirit.

The stodgy determined part of me
is a little sick,
but, like a voice crying in the wilderness,
it says I must refute Zeno.
His paradox was meaningless numbers
that could be proven wrong, just as easily.
And, as everyone knows, motion is a fact of life.

I lie in my bed, in the late morning,
and say to the now distant voice:
See?  I have already done the impossible!
Each day I move, I do, I rest, I do again.

Ah! Do you! ( It says back.)
Try!  Try now!
I say I must rest for a little first….
there is chuckling.
Then, there is something like paralysis of the will.
I want to weep from frustration,
but I must rest for a little, first.

Somehow, I get the upper hand in this wrestle.
Shuffle to the shower, start to shave.
What for? (I think, or hear).  I stop halfway.
The sourness of doubt slinks back.
If I could just rest for a little bit first.

Coming back to myself, I am somehow in robotic mode.
Finish the shave, get dressed, carry the laundry downstairs.
Back upstairs I go with the load from the dryer.
Stopped halfway in a spiral of hopelessness.
The Runner.  The Runner.  This is impossible.
If I could just rest for a little bit first.

Zeno has won today.


6 thoughts on “Impossible

      1. Well, I have kinda been there of late. Some days are great, some are a bit of a struggle. Nothing huge. Just a reminder that I must be vigilant. So being concerned for you helps me stay afloat, so to speak! 🙂

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  1. I love that comment from Timeless Classics. I wonder how much of what goes on with us happens because of our mind which can and does get out of synch with our body. I was a bit of a Nazi with my dog today and pushed him on a walk, he didn’t want to do dragging the lead and then felt bad about it afterwards, because I know often he is more in tune than I am. ❤ I know its more complex than this but sometimes I just wish I could detach my brain. 🙂

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  2. You’re not alone. I have days like that too. I find if I give in to them without anxiety (or it doesn’t work but just leads me to more of them), my strength and motivation return before too long.

    Creative energy is very electric in nature. The stream is direct and unceasing, but to make any practical use of it in this world one must allow it to alternate…

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