the weight

i loved your stretch marks
just above the crease of your thigh meets belly
pastel beige on tan
soft supple skin

i nibbled your earlobes
delighting in sucking air
through your empty piercings
you laughed and told me to stop
though it was always the first thing i did

you smiled and picked the strawberries off my back
put your popsicle toes between my nicely warm knees
woke me gently, but insistently, at 3 a.m.

that was then

something, now, I do not know
we’re no good anymore
each for each

if i am not what you want
then leave me now
let me not shrivel you
it’s such a waste

i will miss you some

i dream of some soul that wants me
i am tired unto death
of living the life of your disapproval
if, every day, i am not enough,
why do you cling
and what do you think will happen
if you stay?

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