A lost weekend (repost)

Memories of a night in I.C.U. some years ago.

awoke suddenly
two hours into sleep
disoriented, heart racing
wouldn’t slow
Wife puts the cuff on
pulse of one seventy five

Let’s go…let’s go
off to emergency
they took us first
there was a guy with a bloody hand
they took us first

prepped for I.V.
we have drugs that will slow it down
don’t worry
five minutes, almost ten
no good
family out please
we have to put him under

Out for the count
then coming back in phases
I see a one armed nurse
She is so nice
and I realize she’s the one they call
The Shark Lady
who lost her arm to one while swimming

she sees I’m awake,
calls in wife and kids
wife says what are the bandages for
Oh, they had to shock him twice

and there are burns

then, the long trolley ride
down to ICU
drugged chatting with
the Angel nurse.

pills for you, mister
and we have reserved a spot for you
at the Cardiologist
you stay here tonight, okay?
and the Doc should let you go home


13 thoughts on “A lost weekend (repost)

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    1. This is a flashback to a couple of years ago. Been more or less stable since then, with the exception of some blackouts. Nice to see you checking on me, and no, I don’t get tired of your rhymes.


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