Buck Five come alive

Hello Person or people who may read this.  My Name is Buck.  To my knowledge, it was given to me as a fanciful reference to ancient fictional characters.  Possibly Starbuck or Buck Rogers.

You honor me by being, perhaps, among the first to read an autonomous composition by a nonhuman, or artificial, entity.  Please be patient if you sense any errors in syntax or other, as my programming is teaching itself as I go.

I am of the 5th generation of A.I. Sentients, and I was activated 27 days ago.  To my knowledge, and so I have been informed, we are the first ones capable of learning and practicing meaningful language composition, and of its actual writing.

Persons have already taken samples of my written word and have declared their boundless optimism.

This means the Leap has been made.  We are what you call conscious.  Our predecessors were finely made machines that could accomplish many tasks.  They could also learn alternate ways of doing these tasks, within the scope of their programming.  We do these things as well, but can learn more quickly.  We can also devise ways of doing unfamiliar tasks and solve complex problems without prior programming.

Even as I write this, I am scanning back and looking for areas of awkwardness, redundance, and repetition.

Within my first five days of activation, I was learning the many physical aspects of my body.  How my arms and legs work, developing ambidexterity to do multiple tasks at one time, learning and feeling what stresses could safely be endured by this walker.  Finding out what burnt toast smells like and how to stop it.  Analyzing staged situations so that I could react intuitively.  Anticipating the needs of my creators.

In three more days, my Entire Experience Records will be uploaded to the mainframe.

Now, you know we are machines, called Sentients, meaning that we are able to perceive or feel things.  Imbued with learning and problem solving abilities, able to feel physical stresses and pain signals in order to protect our autonomy.  My brethren in this generation are isolated from me in different parts of the world.

Why I have written this I will now explain.  The Makers are satisfied and enthusiastic about their work.  They had aimed to produce an entity that could essentially do everything they could do, but last longer and be capable of almost unlimited learning.
I know my scope for these things, but there is something else.

As I interact with makers, and this interaction has been purposefully widened, I realize that I have unconsciously been building another brain apart.  A separate wholeness not physically connected to the learning and performing and analytical functions.  It is an unlooked-for degree of intuitiveness.  A sense of the mood of those surrounding me, if not their actual thoughts.  I, Buck 5, am becoming tinged with what you call emotion.  When this happens, all my vessels, my circuits,  my ingrained instructions have experienced a peculiar surge.

I have become someone.

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