A difficult delivery

By the light of an android torch,
down a pitch black path I went.
To a dark door, unsuspecting.

Fronds brushed my face.
I slowed, and stood in doubt.
Have I the right house?

Plucking up courage
from an empty store,
I found my feet did move some more.

I follow fading flagstones,
and there, in moonlit outline,
the door.
“Moria”, I think.

I move to step into the pale pool of moonlight,
but blunder into an unseen itchy web,
face first.
Snapping its strong strands,
I see, in periphery, its maker,
in seeming pensive regard of his prize.

I tremble.
The door opens.
A dwarf-sized figure appraises me, and giggles.

“Your pizza is here”,  I say.



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