A petty theft

There was a Polaroid of me

From nineteen sixty eight

Hair down to shoulders

Lennon mutton chops

Puffing a dubious cigarette

Unearthed years later

In a shoebox of fading photographs

Funny…I had lectured my only son

On the evils of booze and dope

And, of course,

He was the finder

And the keeper (I learned)

Of this portrait so uncouth

That told its little truth

A vestige of my youth


  1. You managed to make me smile once again. I thank you. This is wonderful!

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  2. gizzylaw says:

    Oh, yes! The secrets of our past. Mine is a pic of me in a Cardinal mascot costume. Jeez!

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    1. Lee Dunn says:

      Could be worse!

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  3. I love the rhyming in this one.


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