Hey Joe

hey Joe

better take that shower this morning, huh?
people are gonna see you today.
careful, don’t move too quickly in there
you’ll make your old head spin
and after all, those are glass doors.
hey, how come that shave didn’t hurt this morning
as it did yesterday?
same blade, same hot water, same shavin’ cream
but, boy, yesterday, you were rippin’ those whiskers out one by one.
watch that shaky hand, eh?
we don’t want no blood

hey Joe

didn’t that cuppa coffee taste spiritually fine this morning?
you forgot to take those stomach pills first
but you lived through it, haha.
were those real birds you heard singing this morning?
spring in February?
looks like you’re gonna see another one, Joe.
but, like those foolish crocuses that are poking their heads up
be careful what you wish for
ol’ man winter just might beat you down yet

hey Joe

where’d you get that burst of energy this morning?
can’t be that coffeefee , you make it same every day
hey, do you think, do you think we could….
strap on that Fitbit and go for a stroll?
maybe take your putter with you
so you can level that playing field
between you and those loose dogs

hey Joe

nah, let’s do the laundry instead.
it’s pretty cold out there.
make sure you look down at your toes
before you start down the stairs.
it’s not automatic anymore, is it?
geez, that sun is shining, Joe
come on, put on those long johns,
lace up those oxfords.
why do they make the damn laces so long?

forget your troubles, come on be happy

at least you haven’t graduated to Velcro yet.

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