“You’re such a strange critter “ He posted on Twitter And waited until she replied.  “You’re just being bitter”  She said, then he hit her And dragged her limp body inside. A full moon had risen O’er the site of her prison He could not control what he did And those who would listen Knew... Continue Reading →


In the dark of your room Something cold from the tomb Awakes you with feelings of dread Seems to float and to hover Then pulls on your cover And sidles up next to your bed Its image is fearsome A face without eyes An energy making you swoon It radiates outward Your hair it will... Continue Reading →

Hey Joe

hey Joe better take that shower this morning, huh? people are gonna see you today. careful, don't move too quickly in there you'll make your old head spin and after all, those are glass doors. hey, how come that shave didn't hurt this morning as it did yesterday? same blade, same hot water, same shavin'... Continue Reading →

Lilac Hill

This imaginative piece from Tara Caribou…

Raw Earth Ink

Journal Entry:

Named for the mega-volcano that graces this tiny world, Lilac Hill is as desolate as it is beautiful. The giant volcano has a long history of eruption and is still active to this day, with a near constant flow. At nearly 18 kilometers above the surface, it rises above the upper atmosphere and of course creates the weather for this moon. It also happens to be one of the largest mountains in the traveled universe.

Lilac Hill holds its place as one of six small worlds orbiting the gorgeous and colorful gas giant of Planar, in and of itself a planet worth mention. But here I want to chronicle this lovely little moon that I have physically walked across and spent some time getting to know.

From far across the plains, the massive volcano rises and rises… and rises. It is a rare day that one can see…

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Time after Time. (2)

I'm inside the capsule. I have only two controls. A Jump button which allows me to exit any given situation, and a signal button that requests a return to home base. They wish me well. There's no need to be strapped in, but I fasten the belt anyway. Taking a breath, I hit JUMP. Within... Continue Reading →

Time after Time

Einstein and Tesla were on its trail.  Many more speculated.  H. G. Wells brought it to the public imagination.  I'm asking you to suspend disbelief in favour of entertainment, and to go along with my story about  a trio of garage engineers who think they are one of the first to have accomplished it.  The... Continue Reading →

My little Miss

The thing was, I couldn't take her with me any more. Please understand. That frozen November morning, the ground was too hard for a burial, and after I had cried a while I searched through an old storage shed for a spade. Having tried the hard earth, and despairing of a proper grave, I wrapped... Continue Reading →

A night in the woods

At twilight she rises Dark Maggie McKee And she stands in a curtain of rain The dimness disguises Maniacal glee For the world has inflicted her pain Vengeance is wanting She's out for a haunting And the silvery moon's on the wane She slides through the forest And the crickets have chorused In awe of... Continue Reading →

An angry fall

Sleet on the windshield The road's first glaze of ice A Van Gogh vortex of winds Vacuums up colour Spews greyness The Maple Leaf flag whips, rips, then sails Hold onto your hat! Do that windy pantomime As you grope the door handle Hah! Inside at last! (As it slams behind you in a fit... Continue Reading →

Four Feet Deep

This, so desolate, from Kelly Farrell.

Kelley Farrell

Maybe that’s all there is.

Maybe one day you walk out of the office heading for nowhere and end up here. Eye to eye with everything that’s left of Bessie the desert cow you never knew you cared about.

Until now.

You waltzed out of the gas station, one brain cell on reality and the rest playfully baiting eternity, when three pairs of hands and a graying beard shove you into a rumbling cargo van.

Who knows really how long your face will remain plastered over crumbling brick walls and flashed ever sparingly across the bottom of nightly news screens.

Like Bessie it could already be long gone. A skeleton in some rattled detectives closet, only to be unearthed when ground is broken for that new shopping mall in ten years time.

For now you’re flung four feet deep with dirt and desert bugs collecting in the folds of your…

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