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Black Thoughts

Now that the manuscript for ‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles – Skelly’s Square’ is with my editor, you would think I could slow down and take a break. Er….no. I’ve decided to give the traditional publishing route a shot and see what all those lovely literary agents think of my work. In order to do that, I have to submit query letters, a book synopsis, stuff like that. Does this madness never end?

I need YOUR help, good people of WordPress. So, pay attention please.

Do you know any reputable literary agents currently accepting submissions for Urban Fantasy novels?

If you don’t, I’d be grateful if you could reblog this to your community as maybe someone out there might be able to help.

Thank you in advance


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A Dali in Delhi

As I was walking through the gloom (a Delhi night without a moon) I heard a cry, as from a loon, but could not spy the creature. " 'Tis Whom?" I said, all quivery, my voice of scant delivery, my constitution shivery, (but still could see no feature) There came a creaking and a squeaking,... Continue Reading →

Roots and re-enactment

One of them beats it As soon as I cut that grapefruit. It permeates the atmosphere. Even I know that. The second one sits expectantly. Is this treats? I wickedly wet my fingers With the juice, Bending down with with the false handful. An inch from his nosey nose. He springs back, as if kicked.... Continue Reading →

Promises, promises

Without a compass, I wander. This new town. A trial of a new life. Stress and depression have pinned me for some time now. Everything of value is forced. Lethargy and self loathing come easily. Things once held with confidence as absolute and true are now reduced in worth and certainty. We had a tall... Continue Reading →

Gentle hearts

Bring me no dark. I am of good supply. No painted smiles or bogus bonhomie. In visits past I have seen, in your well meaning fakery, knitted brows in unguarded moments. No need to work that hard, my dearest. If you are in shadow, or even if not, just sit by me. Warm me. Say... Continue Reading →

The tree hugger

Old Man Maple Is pushing a hundred, we think. Each spring and fall, he gives his all. Makes emerald hall, Speckled sun. Sighs with the whim of the wind. To one who lays beneath his tower, Awaiting his star's communion, Such things are shown! Layers of focus, light on dark. Rustles of sound. An overture to... Continue Reading →

Halloo from a new view

Well, we have left our town of 30 years for another.  Sold one house, bought another, and moved, all in the same day, combined with a last minute screw up at the bank.  Stressed are us.  Add to that two petrified pets who I thought were going to take a long walk off a short... Continue Reading →

Still Life, with the Thinker

Plates of the shoulder blades angle in, cymbals awaiting climactic clash. Knuckles of the spine, pressed in plasticine, make a ridge under Casper skin. Divergent eyes, straining outwards, study the unknowable. As you view, circle 'round. Don't touch the glass. Someone has tinkered with the Thinker. This is the uneasy future.      

The love of a brother

On a long gone New Years Eve, we had a table in a crowded Legion barroom. The women were up dancing, and he had just returned with two bottles of beer. He set one down for me, but I said "No, man, I can't. We've got an hour's drive home in the snow." Aw, c'mon,... Continue Reading →

21. fragmentary

To those waiting, she appears to emerge from the darkened house. A dun tableau of tumbleweed. In the taut quietness, she makes the sign of the Tower. Sheds crocodilian tears of molten manganese. A perfect ruse, a distraction. But a first act, while devilry begins.

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