Winter Holiday Writing Prompt: The Fog of Christmas- Gael Mueller

I’ve been there, in the December fog and silence, and have cherished the cheery lights…..You have brought it to life, Gael.

Brave & Reckless

When I was young, December rolled in on a blanket of fog. Thick, wet and gray. It clung to the ground. If it let go, it would die. It would become as lifeless and indistinct as the barren ash trees it surrounded. It had the ability to reduce the power of the sun so that, during the day, the world was hidden in a single, ashen tone. Night brought blackness. No stars, no moon. Nothing.

The fog dulled your ability to see or hear. It dampened your ability to feel. It left a smell and taste of dankness that could only be equaled in my grandmother’s Minnesota basement. That smell permeated everything. Like the gray of those long-ago days when you feared the ghosts in that basement.

But the fog couldn’t dampen the childhood excitement of a “BIG DAY”. Like celebrations of magnitude all over the world, of any faith…

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A riddle in the corn…

"It was up here" he said. Out in a grayish dream of dank fog, we plodded through the cold muck of a cornfield. Thanks to the lights of a faraway farm, I could make out the crowning hill for which we were bound. Jim hadn't been himself for some time. My visits were not frequent,... Continue Reading →

The burglar

Many say I wear a mask My hands are very small I have a kin in Notre Dame But, surely, that's not all It's cleverness I have in spades I'll never want for food I well deserve your accolades But you'll always think me rude I've clambered up a skyscraper And walked a tightrope true... Continue Reading →

May the Force be with me

A metal piece inside the chest Remembers faulty rhythms Within the heart's unquiet rest I think of embolisms The days of cruel and crushing weight They once did come but rarely But now, upon this latter date They savage me unfairly The sleeping drugs I've much abused In fear of something worse Now far too... Continue Reading →

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