I plead the 4th

people are speaking to me, thinly and echo-like. I watch from above, my love. (or across, down, sooner, later) "do you want another pillow?" "I don't think he can hear you, Karen." "blink once for yes, twice for no." I have trouble working those old fleshy levers. such meat. they say come back, they say... Continue Reading →

On editing a post..

I dream of scissorhands. In this dream, I wake. I see shredded bedsheets. Flying feathers. Bulging batting from my mattress. My wife stands by the bedside, saucer-eyed and staring. These new prosthetics... She points to the front yard in black night. Go and trim the shrubbery she says. I go out, clanking in dangling pajamas.... Continue Reading →

Out of this world

My nickname's Pygmalion From those in the know My interest in women I never do show To those I confide in And have some affection I am but a man Who is seeking perfection I pay no attention Rejecting them all For my birthday I got An inflatable doll But I've got a secret That... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t pick up hitchhikers

I know.  You can say these were just isolated experiences and I should not tar everyone with the same brush.  But, I'm pretty impressionable, and first impressions count. #1.  I picked this guy up at the start of an 80km trip to work.  Seemed okay at the start, didn't say anything for about ten minutes,... Continue Reading →


Somewhere I have seen (Perhaps you know where?) A parody of a grand theatrical overture. The thrilling theme lulls to a quiet. The room lights dim. The brocaded velvet curtains draw slowly open. It's apparent there's a double, even treble, Layering of these dastardly drapes, Each one drawn open more slowly than the last. No! ... Continue Reading →

Very nice, very nice

..we live in a basement now... some say eww, you live in the cellar? that's something I did when I was a teenager. a second class citizen. how can you stand someone living above you? what do you do if there's a fire up there? you're gonna freeze in the winter. well.... we have birches... Continue Reading →

The Immaculate Depression

hijacked amygdala

The girl often wondered where it had come from. Why was her life so much darker than yours? than his? than hers? than most? She grew up too quickly: she knew that for certain. The girl had seen more pain and experienced more suffering in her short life than, it seemed, others would expect to bear in their entire lifetimes.

She wondered if she was being punished – for a sin committed in a past life, because she did not sin in her current life. She asked God for answers and was met with silence. Books did the opposite: they shouted a thousand possible answers at her.

Perhaps she was born with a broken brain. Perhaps society made her that way. Perhaps she was gifted bad genes from her parents. Perhaps she had invented the pain, invited the darkness.

Perhaps if she had been born a boy, she wouldn’t feel…

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Joshua’s choice

I had a brother.....I have a brother! Michael and I were separated during the great invasion of 2067. World communications had been disrupted, or destroyed altogether. The last I knew, he had been working in the space program. There were missions to Mars that had taken flight before and after the invasion, but I did... Continue Reading →

Earth, Mars, and beyond.

"Raymond, before you ask, I know who they are, where they have been, and where they are going.  I know, perhaps, why you are all so happy, but I am puzzled as to why there's so little dissention amongst you....I've been told things that amaze me, excite me and fill me with awe." Raymond smiled,... Continue Reading →

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