The bookshelf of Fantasy

The pines of Dor-Lomin
The Baron Harkonnen
Lothlorien’s swan ship of gold

The shining Silmaril
A ride on a barrel
The sandworms of Dune to behold

The hero Estraven
And Poe’s eerie raven
The treasures of Smaug were untold

When Brandin was scolded
Isolla exploded
And they stood ’til her body was cold

Saruman’s tower
And Sauron’s great power
And Bombadil, oldest of old

The Nephredil flower
The hobbits’ great hour
And the soul that poor Sméagol had sold

The Eloi and Morlocks
The wizards and warlocks
Fair Luthien, Beren the Bold

And Moria’s door
And the Priest-Kings of Gor
And the stories that Tolkien told

Feanor’s Folly
The catapults’ volley
The Fellowship’s climb in the cold

And Yoda’s finale
The Jedis’ last rally
(This story is yet to be told)



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  1. gizzylaw says:

    Oh, this is wonderful. I felt each one of them, hero or villain float by as I read. I must read again and again. Thank you , Lee!

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