The neighbours

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They were tall and olive skinned, with startling eyes.
I had fallen asleep beside the peoples’ perimeter, and was awakened by the sound of Raymond’s voice.  “Look, Joshua.  They come.”

Five figures approached us in a glide-like walk, and stood before us in a V formation.  The shortest of them was some seven feet, and their stature was even more enhanced by the odd but beautiful headdresses they wore.  Their long arms and many-fingered hands, their silent dignity, their benign manner all gave me pause as to how to proceed.  I turned to Raymond, and he said “You will know”.

Their “spokesperson” stepped slightly forward, and performed what I can only describe as a curtsy, with a bow of the head.  I will call her She, as that is the impression I had.  She  held her strange hands in a praying position, then slowly opened them to me,  as a butterfly unfolds its wings.  Taking another half step, she extended these hands, palms up, as if to offer something.  I felt that what she desired was contact,
and so I timidly laid my hands upon hers.  She then raised her head from its bowing posture, and looked at me full face.

I could not, and would not, look away.  All of my surroundings faded, as if I were staring at the proverbial dot on the screen, and I tasted the flavor of her mind only. It must have looked odd to the bystanders, and the time it took was uncertain, but in that small space, with joined hands, and without speaking, she told me the story of their Years.
to be continued….

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  1. gizzylaw says:

    Hooked. I am hooked. I want to turn the page and read the next chapter and not go to sleep until I read it all. I am just hooked. Good, good work, my friend!

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