Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void. It is shining. It is shining.


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Her name, as near as I can make it, is Khostra, and she “spoke” to me in symbols, visions, and insinuative emotions.  I will liken it to a dream, where an unseen player wishes to impart something of great import to you.  Your mind clears of all the mundane.  You wait tensely, for you know this is a key.   The words are not remembered, lips do not move, a face is not seen.  Symbols appear, seemingly without meaning at first.  Wide vistas may come, in psychedelic vision.  The hissing of primal rains.  The tallest of growing things,
strobe lit in twilight thunder.  Movements in the deep.  Arrivals in the virgin desert.  The teachers come, and then… and then.  Building blocks.

As in dreams, I swam for the light.  What had been shown was shown.  My eyes were opened and the immediate world flowed in.  Khostra bowed her head once more and gently released me.  I was overcome by an insistent urge to lie down and sleep.  She put her hand on my shoulder and guided me through the sundering wall.  I looked once more into her face, and saw the smile within her eyes.  She and her companions then left us, in the full night, and Raymond took me to sleeping quarters in the mushroom house.
There was little talk, and no questions.

Most all of them knew, I suspect, what had transpired.  They were the initiates.
I was the new guy.  I slept, and had a dream of knitting.

to be continued…..

6 thoughts on “Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void. It is shining. It is shining.

      1. DMT is a psychedelic, known as the spirit molecule. Transports people to different dimensions, your post made me think that’s would it be like, although I’ve never tried it!

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