Very nice, very nice

..we live in a basement now…
some say eww, you live in the cellar?
that’s something I did when I was a teenager.
a second class citizen.
how can you stand someone living above you?
what do you do if there’s a fire up there?
you’re gonna freeze in the winter.


we have birches and maples and pines that suffice.
we have seven big windows, all covered in ice.
we have babbits and birdies and chipmunks and mice,
and the latter ones think that our pantry is nice.

a fire in the corner to warm up our toes.
a sliding glass door to a garden of rose.
a barbeque smoky, so nice to the nose,
and the sky through the branches of wintery prose.

and the one that we share it with lives up the stairs.
she booms and she clatters and does what she dares.
has two skinny cats that we think are her heirs,
and their vocal renditions? well, nothing compares.

but the aerial noises we hear from above
don’t bother us greatly, ‘cuz we’re thinking of
a family that’s knit (sometimes fits like a glove)
and the missus upstairs, she is someone we love.

Very Nice. Very nice.

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