Out of this world

My nickname’s Pygmalion

From those in the know

My interest in women

I never do show

To those I confide in

And have some affection

I am but a man

Who is seeking perfection

I pay no attention

Rejecting them all

For my birthday I got

An inflatable doll

But I’ve got a secret

That I’ll never mention

The woman I dream of

Will come from invention

I sweat and I tinker

Upstairs in the attic

Her form, it will soon be alive,


All silicone circuits

Endowed with a soul

Her life will have purpose

And mine will be whole

It awaits but a visit

From a Deity high

To give her emotions

And let her reply

To questions exquisite

Already have I

Composed with devotion

And love in my eyes

But, if wishes were horses

And Santa were real

My lover would speak things

I only could feel

Wish on a star

That I may and I might

See her movements so graceful

And regal, tonight

My nickname’s Pygmalion

They think I’m Australian

But they’ll never know that I’m really

The Alien.

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