Miss Maven and the Raven

MISS MAVEN AND THE RAVEN Sweet Maven was handsome, and worth a King's ransom, but headstrong and haughty was she. She spurned all her suitors and mastered her tutors in matters of lore and Faerie. Now, her father and mother and soldierly brother were vexed with her contrary ways. And they thought if they let... Continue Reading →


Have you awakened from a theatre of tears? You know, you smiled and cried, as did the players who once were yours. Sweet one, may this day help your heart home, and give respite from your tireless search down the winds of the world.

25: Go ask Alice

mmm.. was it that hot dog I had off the coffee truck? wrapped in plastic smelled a little funky ate it anyway found a peanut, found a peanut found a peanut last night dee leery del eerie delirium I am in, that's it -why are my toes so far away? cords of gristle connecting to... Continue Reading →


Elle’s verse , remembering a life left behind.


standing out on the back porch
looking out on the suburban sprawl I
called home my whole childhood,
imagining all the quiet moments of
what I swore I wouldn’t miss:
cookie dough and street hockey
and whispering on the landline

I imagine all the time that has passed
years and years and years
stacked like pancakes my father
used to burn on the stove.
time came and went,
the stove was replaced, gone
and my sweet tooth, gone
and suddenly I was gone, too

I hear a voice call me back inside
to come back to bed
I see the sidewalk split in two
from all I remember and all I wish I wouldn’t forget
and for a split second,
I smell the sickly sweet of pancakes
and realize
memories are never kind, they
remind you of what you left behind.

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Two Bluebirds Flew

I love this one, by Brett Kristian


As gallant winds of wild,

command among the sky.

Dancing through the blades,

two bluebirds soar to fly.

In sunlight, so does ruffle,

gentle wings of feather.

On wisp of floating cloud,

they flutter, happy together.

With music soft in whistle;

their chorus speaks rejoice.

Sounding true affection,

and love within their voice.

In seasons light and dark,

by side they both remain.

United, they have hope,

in face of taunting rain.

Cherish seals their bond,

for always they shall be.

Stronger with each other,

in flight, forever free.

Most innocent belief;

never should they part.

But fate came from hiding,

and struck upon the heart.

Soon dawn preceded dusk,

as rainbow one did cross.

Now other stays behind,

but sees this not as loss.

How airs still hear that song,

of love and joy entwined.

Two bluebirds flew together,

and each, again, they’ll find.

©Brett Kristian 2019

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The spirits of today

[The scene:  Mister and Missus lie abed.  Morning light begins to filter in, but the snooze goes on and on.  Their eyes are their own, for a last time.  Two phantom faces, etched in smoke, circle the ceiling.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [RIMIDALV]  It is time.  Let us go. [MIK]  Which one do you want? [RIMIDALV]  You take... Continue Reading →

No rush, no rush.

On the old dirt road, all is calm, all is bright. A stand of cat-tails recovers from yesterday's bent, telling me which way the wind went. Browning fronds dip down, drawing degrees of their deaths from the snow. Nothing here for anyone, really. Nor for feather, fur, or fin. Here I stopped for an insistent... Continue Reading →

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