Homecoming – Candice Daquin

This, from Candice Louisa Daquin.


The month they took my words away

It was a mild green winter

Even parakeets chose to stay

Pruning on yet shorn limbs, stray with wandering

Even cars turning into the cul-de-sac where I had roosted

But not made home

Seemed to slow and let themselves dream

In the purr of uneventuality

I could smell that reminder of you

In every crevice I washed in earnest

No scrub removed the memory

I sought to drown

Recollection is a green parrot

Inexplicably at your window

Like you had submerged our years

Beneath hard unyielding water

Stepped away, light and unburdened

A school nurse told me once

When I explained my belief, vaccinations were unhealthy

That I was simply regurgitating the foolish liberal notions of parents

Filling my head with unpicked flowers

I wanted to tell her

No those were not my parents and that was not my history

But if you…

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