The spirits of today

[The scene:  Mister and Missus lie abed.  Morning light begins to filter in, but the snooze goes on and on.  Their eyes are their own, for a last time.  Two phantom faces, etched in smoke, circle the ceiling.]


[RIMIDALV]  It is time.  Let us go.

[MIK]  Which one do you want?

[RIMIDALV]  You take the lumpy one.

[MIK]  Hah!  I think you just lost out!

***They enter into these two temples***

[RIMIDALV]  Ooh…you are right.  This is a bad feeling.

[MIK]  Do you think it will be a lengthy time before we learn the moves?

[RIMIDALV]  Nonsense.  We’ve had similar before.  Use the muscles, rise from bed.

***Mik sits up, stands, slides one foot ahead of the other***

[MIK]  Look!  I did do it!  Now you.  What’s the matter?

[RIMIDALV]  I don’t know.  The stiffness, the fog.  I think this one was a student of sloth.

[MIK]  Then give it some exercise.

***Rimidalv rises and does a few jumping jacks.***

[RIMIDALV]  The blood pumper doth protest.  We must lie and get some rest.

[MIK]  Sleep through the day…deal?

[RIMIDALV]  Yes, we will need the energy.  Tomorrow is a big day.

[MIK]  By the way, did these things have names?

[RIMIDALV]  Let’s look.

***They both smile, close the curtains, and jump into bed***

[RIMIDALV]  Goodnight, Mel.

[MIK]  Goodnight, Don.


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