25: Go ask Alice

was it that hot dog I had off the coffee truck?
wrapped in plastic
smelled a little funky
ate it anyway
found a peanut, found a peanut
found a peanut last night
dee leery
del eerie
delirium I am in, that’s it
-why are my toes so far away?
cords of gristle connecting to ankle pulleys
oh man
gotta gotta get outa bed
I have too much juice
-where’s the floor? there’s only an escalator
always a scared of those things, no confidence
-does my Auntie dote on me?
-hahaha what is the antidote?
step on the steps, fool
move your legs in the proper rhythm
oh geez here we go-
but I am too speedy
the escalator must be stopped for repairs
and I do a smashmouth on the doorknob.
oh momma momma this is real
one tooth too short, the rest is up my nose
bright blood on two of my hands
take away take away show in the light
this must be the antidote
it is a technical knockout
bye bye

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  1. gizzylaw says:

    I worked with a fellow who managed to quote Alice in Wonderland in a legal brief. He said something about a queen…. (Loved this, as usual)

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