The planting

I had to support his brain as he disembarked, leaving the ship's queer gravity. He was their monarch, born one in a billion. Emblazoned on the pale pink of his forehead was a galaxy with named suns. I have never become used to his elongated cranium, its soft translucent skin revealing a venous pattern of... Continue Reading →

In the waiting room

With the exception of an elderly couple, and a young couple with a toddler, I think everyone in the X-Ray waiting room, other than me, was staring at their phone. It was the "please take a number" system, and I lucked out by having mine called about two minutes after I sat down.  It was,... Continue Reading →

There’s no coming back

might it be that you hear me only as a poorly played horn a bothersome oboe as you rest in the wheeled chair with your gown of faded flowers and a tray of uneaten food before you I think you have left little of yourself to control this bird's body its care no longer a... Continue Reading →

Dream twenty four: in the funnel

I lean in from a cloud, spying this lake of slate, in the never evergreen bush. The sunny side has big boats three, yachting this shiny blue day. Merrymakers loll on the decks. Shapely girls lean out on the prow rails, icons of the Titanic. I hear their cries and laughter over the gulls. In... Continue Reading →

I vant to be alone

a liddle dlunk tonide. dwife say geddoff dat dam computre thadz all u wanna do these days I say nod true I lyke  to fool wit de cat and have a dlink now an den, hokay? Hoo boy, geez, cant ya jus lee me alone? Hah

This thing

He waits for me, each night, of late, in the cottony caves 'twixt longer dreams. The script: I'll be born once more from ectoplasm, and flutter down on nightwings, like settling leaves in the cease of the breeze. He knows I come. That I can't stay away. But I always wish to startle him, so... Continue Reading →

What meets the eye

There was a little girl who brought her little girl to piano lessons, thrice a week, or was it twice? They lived in a wintry white town, weighted down with more and more snow each day, in the past week. This girl drove a red pickup, and, each appointed night at 7:00, she would pull... Continue Reading →

If I should die before I wake

Shocked out of brooding dream and evil education. A match is struck, a flare of bright sound. It brings semiconsciousness, but illuminates naught but contrived shadows. They make weasel movements, peeking obscenely through the blinds of the high up window. What are they, eh? What are they? In sudden fear, the tongue cleaves to the... Continue Reading →

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