Month: March 2019

The bones remember

A little boy of three who misplaced his mother. And, as he grew, a bird of shadow brought to him a terrible knowing. Aloneness and fear. How to bear? How to do? Who will care? Singleness incubates a strange and strong beauty, and the bones remember the learning. At marrow’s end they keep, in plasma, […]


Is it okay?

Is it okay if we just sit by the TV until you find sleep (you’re always first) Is it okay that I lie in bed ’til lunch that I stack the dishwasher and hang the toilet paper the wrong way that I say how I really feel when asked that I want to read, rather […]



Originally posted on ELLEGUYENCE:
There is only the ocean; waves, tide, surf are simply parts of the whole. I used to build sandcastles close enough to seashore that they’d wash away, clean before I got attached. I manufactured moats drawbridges and gates spiral towers to hide treasures keeping intruders at bay. I never did need…