26: Fluids ***GRAPHIC***

On the tilted table I lie. Sore arm injected with serum. Paralysis abides. In the dim, I see tools hanging, dangling, clanking in the vacuumed wind of a swiftly opened door. And, in walks DeSade. Aye, what will it be today?  says he. (From his trouser belt hang more questionable instruments.) *He pushes a little... Continue Reading →

a clean break

this bitter end more than I can chew I shrug on a windbreaker kick shoes out of the damn way dramatic exit vexed by that fucking screen door I didn't fix and I kick it too adrenalized thoughts come in a billowing storm careful what you wish for drop the car keys on the front... Continue Reading →

No country for young men

Who knew that it would hurt so much? That mornings would sometimes feel like death, its great hand pressing upon his chest? That giving up would feel like a warm bed. That going on must be bought with great courage and resolve? The vernal equinox another slow tick in time. A youth sees this species,... Continue Reading →

To My Best Friend, On The Day of Her Death

By the poet Nicole Lyons, on the death of a friend.

Nicole Lyons

I wore daggers on my knuckles
and hate in my hair,
and my heart was dark
and full of venom and teeth
that gnashed on rage.
But you, the walker in my dreams
the burning bush in my heart,
you told me once that my heart
was golden and my soul could shine
brighter than any star in your sky,
and I knew then that you had been blessed
with not only a first and a second,
but a third sight as well.
One to see the love in the unloved
and another to catch your reflection
in the eyes of the first,
and the third that could always see
the forest for the trees,
even though you never learned
how to read a compass,
and if you happened to find yourself lost
on the side mountain,
you should only ever climb up
to look for a way back down…

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What did you expect?

The arborite of tabletop is smooth and cool and even. Reach now for the shining phone. Feel its warm monolith, tented over in your pocket. For extra reassurance, stroke the disagreeable cat. It is deep velvet, simmering skin, removable whiskers. Only you can elicit its purr, calm its condescending glare. Don't you dare stop, or... Continue Reading →

The bones remember

A little boy of three who misplaced his mother. And, as he grew, a bird of shadow brought to him a terrible knowing. Aloneness and fear. How to bear? How to do? Who will care? Singleness incubates a strange and strong beauty, and the bones remember its learning. At marrow's end they keep, in plasma,... Continue Reading →

Is it okay?

Is it okay if we just sit by the TV until you find sleep (you're always first) Is it okay that I lie in bed 'til lunch that I stack the dishwasher and hang the toilet paper the wrong way that I say how I really feel when asked that I want to read, rather... Continue Reading →

People Watching

A love so well expressed in so few lines…

Writing and Reflections

People Watching

I am a thief
I steal your words as they fall from your mouth
I watch as you shrug off your ill-fitting garment and dance in the rain
I capture the moment your face lifts slightly
I memorize the way your beaming smile transforms the moment
I explore the silence as you find your way
I count the years as you stoke those fires
I count three, four, five
and as you wave goodbye, bowing to the usual customs
I write bits of you into every story

photo: picjumbo/Pixabay
prompt: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 395

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There is only the ocean;
waves, tide, surf
are simply parts
of the whole.

I used to build sandcastles
close enough to seashore
that they’d wash away, clean
before I got attached.

I manufactured moats
drawbridges and gates
spiral towers to hide treasures
keeping intruders at bay.

I never did need knights
as much as I told myself I did
I was a fine protector
a kind ruler over myself

but you were like gills
and I breathed new air
the salt of the sea
the grit of the sand

and I decided I’d move
my sandcastle away
from that rising tide
and invite you in, too.

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A primal encounter

Man of Woman. Woman of Man. Child of the First. Another, of the mirror, spies them through reed curtain by rocky slope. Skulks, indecisive, for a time. The first he has seen, away from home hearth. His fear, embodied. As the cat will hiss and spit, as the dog contrives a face and guttural growl... Continue Reading →

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