No country for young men

Who knew that it would hurt so much?
That mornings would sometimes feel like death,
its great hand pressing upon his chest?
That giving up would feel like a warm bed.
That going on must be bought with great courage and resolve?
The vernal equinox another slow tick in time.

A youth sees this species,
in rapt fascination, then revulsion.
Bones’ outline propels oversize pants,
held aloft with button-on suspenders.
When was THAT in style?
Hey, why do you have to pay for everything so slowly,
dumping your money on the belt?
Can’t you bring someone with you to bag those groceries?

But, the slow stooped man with suspenders has some happiness today.
The lady at the cash desk.
She’s kind and patient.  Not condescending or patronizing.
She knows what it has taken for him to come here today,
and why he comes alone.

The impatient young man is aware of glances cast his way,
and indeed there are.
Some stand with him, wishing the line to move more quickly.
Others disapprove of his display.
And, maybe one or two have taken a lesson to heart.
The young man turns and goes,
as if he has just remembered something important.



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