Fingers and toes

Every day, I get on the subway at the beginning of its route.  About 45 minutes later, I am right downtown, three stops from the end.  With any luck, it's about 7:30 in the morning, and I have lots of time to get a Starbuck's.  After my day in the cubicle, I'll be back in... Continue Reading →

A room with no view

A room's been built for me I think They cubed it Such by such by such No closet to incubate monsters No dark shiny eyes and secret smiles under the bed The narrow door locks from the outside And from the inside Oh, and no window to let in the unwanted sun. And, I can... Continue Reading →

Return to the Cage

Timeless Classics


Cream does not rise to the top
No, it does not

Rises to the top

Ass kissing rises
Connection making rises
Self interest rises
Self editing rises

Petty power hegemonies
Calculated belittlement
Careful omission
Faint Praise
These rise

Hungry and lonely among us

We shake our heads
And sigh

Such a poignant story
Makes our own more bearable

Never do we All
Point to All of us and say


We do about it?


Why, finish shaking
Our heads of course
Maybe blot a little tear

And return
To the cage

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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At the gate

I bring cats to Restful Acres.  I guess they're called therapy animals now. I'm a widower, in my 50's, and fortunate enough to have time on my hands.  In the last few years, the faces here have come and gone, and some have become friends to me.  My old Mum was a mainstay here, but... Continue Reading →

Ageless Angel

Richard M. Ankers - Storybook

She was that age, that ageless something

Between rose petal cheeks and silver waves of fascination

Where the foundations moved but the plans never changed

Where her eyes only ever shone brighter, more acutely than before

Piercing like twin stars set in her own personal heaven

A girl with a woman’s knowing, woman with a girl’s innocence

The sort of carefree soul who bought coral rings just to remember other people’s dreams

It was easier for her living through the dreams of others, I think

As she had no time to waste on her own

I’ve forgotten what they called her because her name never really mattered

Not to those who shared her timeline, her space, her place

A name, as with the asking her age, was pointless

For whoever took the time to speak to the wind

When the only thing that mattered was feeling it rustling their hair

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Things unsettled

Have you felt it, dear one? The oddness, the forced smiles, the hurried looks. The swift shutting of doors at dusk in huddled houses. Poisonous seeds have been sown. Short fuses in broad day. Scripted horrors bring us to the brink. Our world is waiting.

Hi don’t drive high don’t drive Hi!

Driving at dusk. Strong crosswind. Corner of eye sees whipping black canvas caught on wire fence. Thinks it's a galloping horse, slams on brakes. Driving night highway. Construction zone. Dozens of plastic pylons throw swift shadows. Thinks it's a hundred people running across the road. Slams on brakes. Enters unexpected tunnel. Slows down, 30 below... Continue Reading →

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