All in the mind

[Person]         What are we?

[Other]            Children

[Person]          Why are we?

[Other]             To grow.  To love.  To explore.  To find.

[Person]           To find what?

[Other]              Your way to me.

[Person]            Are there others like us?

[Other]              Myriad.  Legion.  Uncountable.

[Person]            Why have we not met them?

[Other]              They will come.  Some to deceive.  Some to teach.  Some to save.

[Person]            What is our place?

[Other]              A place of lovingkindness.

[Person]            But where in the Universe?

[Person]            Wait….I feel….I feel so strange just now.
There is a touch.  A presence.  A promise.

[Other]              You are always with me, to the end of ends.  Always in my Mind.

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