A silent fool is none the wiser.

uncomplaining drudge with hangdog look cultivated trudge martyr's walk will Heaven prize you? ah but the heart is known so cast aside your props and take tutelage from the angels of every day.  

A pearl

Behind a Reception sign, someone sits. Writes with her left hand, moves a mouse with her right. Speaks into a headset, enunciating clearly, succinctly, concisely. All this with a face of placidity, serenity, slightness of smile. I see an earring of pearl. I think of Nirvana. I think of Vermeer. Her dancing eyes make art.... Continue Reading →


A word whispered by winter's ghost in last night's dream of loss. Gehenna So foreign to this man, it held a portent. This evening, as he sweeps winter's leavings from his tilted deck, Gehenna echos back to him in a latent sigh. He and his Margie. Gone these two years. The deep ravine behind their... Continue Reading →


What is this, my friend? You, the one who never makes plans, have cobbled this one together from the remnants of the morning. You really shouldn't be left alone, you know, but it was with relish that you contemplated an afternoon of dead rest, owing to their shopping and a movie plans. Out the doorway they... Continue Reading →

The way out

Cable-carried am I, upslope, in harness. Slow. It is slow. I hear the rollercoaster clacks, each prophesying sinister thrills. With powered eyes I see continents of fogged-in secrets. Sorry horses stand, bedraggled in streaming rains. They look to me with pleading eyes, but I have no help to give. Clack, clack, clack.....a sharp turn. The... Continue Reading →

Haraview Burgers and highway 11

I've been making trips to north central Ontario for nearly 50 years, almost all of them via highway 11.  During that time, I have passed by a curious anomaly that remains to this day:  A burger place that was in business for a short time in the early to mid seventies.  It shut down after two... Continue Reading →

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