Alliteration bugs in the garden

I dug the whole hole for that last scrubby shrub. Busted birchy bones to get in. Warm wiggly worms waggled their surprise. Put peat partly into the mix, Tamped the topsoil tightly down. Aggravated army of ants on the march On skin they tickle like drops that trickle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At last, with a drench, and... Continue Reading →

Acting my age

From decades of borrowed wakefulness and broken sleep, this body gives way. The hated alarm faces the wall. Last night's dreams of peace unfolded over fourteen unmedicated hours. This afternoon, with morning coffee, I take the two steps down to the garden, descending into green rest. I understand fewer things now. I repeat small stories,... Continue Reading →


There must be some mistake,I think, but it's been days now. These messages from you, a thirty four year old stranger. And I say, and I say to myself there are lots of crazies on the internet. Lots of gold diggers. People who will say anything under cover of anonymity. And so, you started with... Continue Reading →


It's a slow down zone, and, in today's tiny town, a little girl with scabby knees dawdles along the sidewalk.  Her chin and part of her white T shirt are stained dark purple from the grape popsicle she's licking.  As she passes a picket fence, she puts out a pudgy hand as the slats go... Continue Reading →

31: The box

In one side of a thick box, there's a pencil-sized peephole.  Through it, one can see the box, the peephole, and one's own eye.  This is because the box is facing a thick mirror. The name of the box is REFRIGERATEUR.  Perhaps its surname is AVIS, with two arrows pointing upward.  It is a bit... Continue Reading →

A living thing

Why don’t you see me? Acknowledge me at least. I am a living thing, and you know me. I’m sure of it. God, it’s been forty years since High School. You were the nerd before that word was coined. Top of the class those four years, but without the Jock thing. Most of them shunned... Continue Reading →

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