Featured poem

I just found out that a poem of mine called "Pieces of you" will be published on the feature page of Spillwords.com on August 10. I thank their editors once again.

And so. Just so.

Lines of vines cling to string. A swooping tree dangles hard round fruit, so green. Rhubarb, tended, raises its flower flags. All this, in the brash and beautiful life of July. In a late afternoon cruise I come, by chance, to the scene of a sad and early death. Bouquets by the roadside. A styrofoam... Continue Reading →

Tonight, I tell you truly

A man walks to his usual crossroads, all right turns until he completes the simple square that brings him home.  Tonight, he goes out late because of the hot sun, something to avoid with these new meds.  As a trade off for the cool and pleasant breeze, someone has provided intermittent clouds of mosquitos.  No... Continue Reading →

A face, a fate

I am in a band that plays the odd local date.  Churches, bars, gatherings and the like. A couple of months ago, after we had finished our setting up to play for an evening in the town tavern, we sat down for dinner and a drink.  When the waitress came to our table, I felt... Continue Reading →

Haraview Burgers (July 3)

Hello all... I stopped again today at the mysterious Haraview Burgers on Highway 11 north, a restaurant that has stood empty for more than 40 years.  As mentioned in previous stories, it still appears to be unoccupied but nonetheless in good repair. This time, I came armed with a letter I had prepared asking the... Continue Reading →

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