Haraview Burgers (July 3)

Hello all…

I stopped again today at the mysterious Haraview Burgers on Highway 11 north, a restaurant that has stood empty for more than 40 years.  As mentioned in previous stories, it still appears to be unoccupied but nonetheless in good repair.

This time, I came armed with a letter I had prepared asking the owners if they would enlighten me as to the history of the place.  After knocking several times without any response, I managed to squeeze the note behind the locked front door.

The place is overgrown with weeds and there is a Beware of the Dog sign that I had not previously noticed.  I proceeded with caution around the perimeter, but saw no dog and no evidence of habitation.

Readers have mentioned to me that they had seen people there recently, notably an older couple driving a Jaguar.

I am hoping that they will return and perhaps answer my note.

2 thoughts on “Haraview Burgers (July 3)

  1. We have a cottage in Kearney & drive past this place frequently. I wonder about the story behind it every single time. I can’t help but think there’s some kind of association with Weber’s.

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