Harvey and the flying machine

Ahhh..I am so tired. But, a story I will tell you,  for your little ones. Harvey, of rabbit fame, thought himself a rakish Jack of Knaves. Such a suave countenance should by no means go unheralded. He built himself up to be a legend in his own mind. "I am Legend", he said, having heard... Continue Reading →


She called me. We went rushing in two cars. His promise was empty, though. Passed out, half on the floor, half on the couch. She smacked him in the face, gently. Put a cold cloth on his forehead, and he sputtered awake. We searched the house, emptied all of the bottles. Haha, he said. I... Continue Reading →

Dad’s wish

Dad's been long in his grave. We didn't know each other, really. At nineteen, I felt like a fake, attending bedside vigils, not knowing what to say or do. When i got the call, I was silent. Only silent. Fifty years ago. And now, I'm a year away from living as long as he did.... Continue Reading →

Atop the moon's ruined tower I stand. There is no sky here, and I can see the torrid Earth. But you were not one of us, and this I can't share. We have built her. She is ready. I must go with the first planetary sailors, or I must come back to you for the... Continue Reading →


Darlene and Dave, they had a love. On grandfathered land, they built a house of modesty, high under the evergreens. Neighbours flocked to raise the roof. Each brought shingles, cedar shakes of secret colours, 'til unboxed. The coffee, the tea, the hot chocolate. The joy. The laughter. The promise, in that snowy October. First came... Continue Reading →

Steel and glass

Just today, 55 years after the crash, Stuart's face has appeared to me once more in a dream.  I don't know why I remember this, especially now, in my 69th year, but it feels as if God has spoken to me about one of his angels. On December 27th, 1964, I was fourteen and my brother... Continue Reading →

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