Month: September 2019

The Difference

Clarice awakes, but her dream abides. Don’t be offended when she speaks pleasantries, or not at all. What you might hear is only a placeholder for a short story of ten thousand pages. She’s seen a distant horizon, but can’t get there. Knows the true names of our colours, and how to ask questions of […]



The ones that speak softly, blushing their diffidence without fakery. Waiting out the loudness. First, sometimes last, to leave. Speak when spoken to, unless principles, passions arise. Uninteresting, dismissible, no fun. We won’t remember you, and may not invite you back.


Caution to the winds

You spoke softly, your sentiments not seeking sympathy. I led you away from the table dancers, the wearers of lampshades. I could talk into the night. I think you are dangerous, and your body wants to dance. I wait for your whisper, and, given half a chance..