If you found me this evening time (for such it is),  you would know things that have been out of your sight.  The way that I put on my skin and my bones.    How my legs bend after dark.  What I do with the possibility of fingers.  How my movements compare to yours, since I have learned the body.

In this world, there is one who is Nemesis to me.  Her native name is known to none here.  To the few with whom she has spoken, she is Sarah.  Always, she is young, and speaks with a soothing silken tone.  Know that she is false, though she appears handsome and trustworthy.  Soon, she will reveal herself as an emissary from a benevolent civilization whose great concern is the well-being and survival of this world.

Believe it not, for I and my fellows will show, by our true actions, that we are the ones to whom you should look.  The Sarah-body shall be found and rendered inoperable.  Its pilot may flee or, at the least, face the rehabilitation of another that is suitable.  We will be tireless in our pursuit.

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