.. folding ..

sonja benskin mesher


I thought I had no nice paper, and then remember this.

It, it made a satisfying noise on folding. One imagines that it will be used on radio plays.

I am older than you, born on the south coast of England, then relocated to Wales  some years ago.

A small family who now lives nearby, to include my  grandson.. I do, indeed, live in a cottage, they do say over 500 years old. Can you imagine the history?

It is cold today; some villages have snow, so we are tucked in by the fire, dog in her basket, all big eyes.

The cat has moved down from where she sleeps on tissue paper, has her back to the fire.

Mine is a longer story, some of it unfolding here. I spends days working, playing, some days teaching, and some in other paid dutiful employment. I enjoy what I do.

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