Month: March 2020


Remember how to sing. If not, to hum, or whistle a waltz. Understand the beast, and restrain it with a stumbling spot dance. Think of your goodness, and not of your sin. Of the young, for they are short of life. Of your faith, or your doubt, and the quality of prayer.


A pause for thought

The slant of the sun. The moss-green mechanic with his fat cigar, chuffing like a chimney. The little kid threesome on the gravel shoulder, fist-pumping the diesel driver. and the undetected grasshopper atop my dusty boot. How slowly I move. I’ve never been here, but I know it.



I remember an obsession. I built it myself from wishes to horses. Conceived in a hug and a blush, quickened by preening pirouettes, it seeded the fugue of my madness and crashed in ignoble blackness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (We still talk)