Smug as a bug

They haven't turned up the heat yet, or held my feet to the fire. So, still I stay smugly detached from nervous bristlings meant to alarm. And time I have to consider the Shaman who walks, enraptured with faith, on beds of glowing coals.

A grave matter

When I've left this locking body, sack me in a shawl. Don't let this cat out of the bag. Roll me over in the clover, sling me slowly into the underground. Take up your brought shovels and fill me in. Tamp me down, so the earth will plant a kiss, and welcome the worms. I... Continue Reading →

Happy days are here again

Suppose you could take me with you. Into this, your shiny time of smiling at the sun, of feeling the quickening of love's stirrings. Of planning without the thought of ending. Of being adored. Tag along, I would, incognito. Even, I would pay with what I have left.


It’s curious. In this incestuous head, bone is squeezing too tightly. Turned one way, what’s real is swirled. Degrees aft or starboard, things will gel, but sound is suddenly smothered. Venous rivers are imagined, and the heart’s voice is a drum. The ghost may be giving up.


The watching of bobby socks on feet with a popcorn smell. A shy face with downcast eyes and freckles. If I can coax her smile, chiclet teeth. Fine and white, but tilted funny. You drive me crazy. I videoed you at the party. Fifteen minutes. Just your feet, crossing and uncrossing. No one knew. I... Continue Reading →


I dreamt of dirt. Of its sloughing off under the tap. But oh, the horror of the pores that extruded anew a brackish paste, a troubling stew. And here I thought my virtue bought, until this taste the nightmare wrought. And a stern bellowing voice said ~WASH YOUR HAND~

In you

In you, I have dreamt a glowering cloud bank lowering to feather the fields. Gloving the lava sun that waits to cure the purchased rain. In you.

Dark Angel

What was the thing I saw in the dimness of fog forest? Tall and straight and still it stood, its head bowed in supplication. Its person was that of a dark Angel, and the flowing mists imparted an artist’s brushstrokes to it. In my awe, it saw me not, for it was of another world.

From memory

Were I able to paint or draw,and had not seen you,even for a year,I would find joy in the task,and have at it until I waswell and truly spatteredwith remembered colours. As it is, I will dress down.Take up pencil or crayon.Something erasable.


Dissociative. When I was but a young stranger, my train rolled slowly through an area of wilderness. Muskeg, tilted tamaracks, power towers. And I thought not of my destination, but of wanting to paddle a canoe into that green buzzing haze. And I myself would find the answer.

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