we’re feeling closer than ever before
greeting hellos in distant passing
an acknowledgement of an external fight
we’re fighting inside

there’s no blood on the streets
and the lights illuminate every window
we’re living a history book, real time
we talk so much about nothing at all
we ask about each other’s day
and mean it

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6 thoughts on “132

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      1. No, it’s probably me being all distracted as I often am these days. Sigh. Sorry. I did think it was a little different from your usual stuff….but then again so was “Angels”.

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      2. You know, it feels good to know that people like you read my things here. In fact, it’s heartwarming. I think most of us are distracted in some way right now. I wish you peace, Carol. 💜

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      3. I appreciate the people who read my efforts as well. It is so gratifying and yet humbling at the same time.
        Thanks, Lee, and you know I am wishing you all that is good and life-giving.

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